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Leveling Up

A boardwalk trail winds beside a rock face.

For those who have a business, but are looking to step up to a new level The Leveling Up Stage You’ve built something successful. You probably have some people working for you, making it happen. Now you’re thinking about stepping up to a new level. Maybe it’s exporting, maybe a new line of business, maybe […]

Failure forms your character more than success

One of the Napkin Dad’s artworks(c) Marty Coleman, shared from Flickr “I have had a LOT of failures and catastrophes in my life; schools I got kicked out of, a failed marriage, rejection in the art and academic world and physical disasters just to name a few.  If I had not had those ‘failures’ and […]

Failure can lead you somewhere better

Harrison Ford caught at the premier ofCowboys and Aliensby jyw104 on Flickr “What made you choose acting as a profession?”“Failure in all other fields.” Harrison Ford. (found on IMDB) Part of our series on the importance of failure and how you respond to it. New here? Take the Guided Tour. Like what you see? Get […]

Failure is a mischievous friend

Failure is a friend and a teacher, but it can be mischievous. Don’t let it scare, intimidate, discourage, or sadden you. You are great, remember.—Pastor WD Favour, Enugu, Nigeria, via Twitter   That may be the most interesting view I’ve read in quite a while. Failure is a friend. It can be mischievous. Fascinating! We’ve […]